Solar Radio Spectro-Polarimetry (50-500 Mhz) : Design And Development Of Cross polarized Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna


A radio spectro-polarimeter was developed at the Gauribidanur radio observatory (Longitude : 77◦27′07′′; Latitude : 13◦36′12′′) to study the characteristics of the polarized radio waves that are emitted by the impetuous solar corona in the 50 - 500 MHz frequency range. The instrument has three major components : a Cross-polarized Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna (CLPDA) [1], an analog receiver, and a digital receiver (spectrum analyzer). This article elaborates the design and developmental aspects of the CLPDA, its characteristics and briefs about the configurations of the analog and digital receivers, setting up of the spectro-polarimeter, stage- wise tests performed to characterize it, etc. To demonstrate the instrumental capability, the estimation of the solar coronal magnetic field strength (B vs heliocentric height), using the spectral data obtained with it, is exemplified.

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