Radio Polarimetric Studies of the Solar Corona at Low Frequencies


Measurements of the coronal magnetic field strength particularly in the radial distance range ~ 1.1 – 2.0 R, (where R is the radius of the solar photosphere) is presently difficult because of practical reasons. Polarization observations, by measuring the Stokes-V parameter of the received radio signal, are generally used as a tool to measure the magnetic field strength associated with the radio emission; the latter is one of the widely pursued areas of research in the solar coronal physics, in addition to the currently available but limited methods of estimating the magnetic field strength using simultaneous radio imaging and spectral observations. In this talk, I will be talking about: i) design of a new wideband, low frequency antennas, ii) design, development and characterization of a high temporal and spectral resolution multi frequency polarimeteric receiver system for solar observations at low radio frequencies, iii) studies of the solar radio bursts observed with these instruments and their counterparts as observed in multi frequencies with other space and ground-based instruments.

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